Housing needs of those with crisis can access digital portal

Singaporeans who find themselves in a position where they need to find an accommodation for an emergency may use an online portal to connect with people who are willing to lend their homes.

The system will only be activated during an emergency situation in the country, this initiative was declared by the Ministry of National Development (MND) and the real property platform Mogul.sg in a press release on March 8.

The new portal will let those in need of emergency housing look up available listings for homes, as well as the conditions set by homeowners including the duration of stay and suitability for pet owners or families.

The statement also noted that this will be useful during national emergencies when there is an urgent need for housing temporarily. For example during the Covid-19 pandemic, certain Singaporeans graciously offered to host Malaysians who were homeless in Malaysia at the time of the border closure.

Lentor Mansion Floorplan

Mogul.sg will develop this emergency portal, and will incorporate it into its current platform.

A contract has been signed between MND and the company, the firm will take on all the costs associated with the portal. The firm will also be required to ensure that users of the portal are protected and validated as required by law.

This collaboration between the both the private and public sectors was hailed as being the first in Singapore.

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